how can I discipline a 10 month old?

April - posted on 05/09/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I need some help with my daughter! She is very aggressive. I have no idea why. When she touches something she's not supose to ,I tell her NO! In a stern voice and I point ! She will either scream and cry bloody murder or hit me bite me pull my hair. She doesn't play for very long on her own . she always needs to be on me. The minute I put her down, its hell for me! She sleeps at 11 at night! She won't sleep any earlier. Its really hard and I'm loosing my patients


Michelle - posted on 05/09/2015




She's only 10 months old! She doesn't know what aggressive is.
She could be frustrated because you are stopping her doing what she wants to do, like every child.
Instead of telling her no, just redirect her. Of course she's going to scream if you raise your voice.
At this age she trying to communicate with you but can't and they get very frustrated. No 10 month old plays for very long at any time as well. They have very short attention spans. When she cries when you put her down you need to make sure you don't pick her up straight away, all you are teaching her that you will do what she wants when she screams. Let her know that you aren't far away, keep talking to her and make sure she can see you. She will eventually learn that you aren't going to leave her.
In regards to the bed time, do you have a bed time routine? A good one is bath, book, bed. That way she is relaxed. A good time to start this routine is around 6:30/7pm so you can get her to bed at a decent time. It won't happen the 1st time but you need to make sure that YOU are the parent and deciding what happens, not her.
If you let children dictate the timetable this young, you will find it harder to change and enforce your rules later.

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