how can i do 2 birthdays and christmas within a month of eachother?

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hi im currently expecting #2. i will be having a c-section dec 30th making my son and this baby excatly 23 months apart. he will be 2 jan 30th. how will i be able to do and afford 2 birthdays and christmas within 2 months of eachother? it would be different if this one was due 2-3 before my sons birthday but its a whole month. i think its to far to celebrate 1 big birthday. do any moms have this problem or going through it now?


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You are lucky that your kids' birthdays are after Christmas. I usually buy all of my daughters birthday presents in the after Christmas clearing sales. Also, you don't have to have expensive birthday parties. For my kids, both last birthdays we celebrated at home. They were each allowed to invite 6 kids and we played games. I bought prizes at the dollar store on on clearance throughout the year. I baked the cakes myself. The kids had a blast! and it didn't break the bank. We also have limits for birthday and Christmas presents. It's usually $50 per kid. Grandparents and aunts and uncles usually go overboard anyway.

Btw, my kids are 4 and 7 years old.

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You have 11 months out of the year to budget and plan every year! Figure out how much you want to spend on each and open a savings account then every week put x amount of dollars in. So for example say you decided you aren't going to spen more then $2000 on everything $1000 for Christmas and then $500 each birthday you'll have to put $40 into that account each week. If you hit a rough spot then you'll have to scale back on one or the other or maybe even both! If that seems like too much mobey each week then you know you can't have the big elaborate party ahead of time and they'll be no surprise or disappointment!


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Do what my mom always did and plan 1 year in advance. After easter, hit all the sales when everything is 50% off to get some stuff. Then look through sales all year, toy isles and yeah, clearance racks. I agree that it doesn't take much to make them happy. And if you are more of a tradition person, you can make the most impact there.

Half the time I was just SO excited that all the SAME nicknacks were coming out each year. The bunnies for easter, santa statue for christmas. It really set the month tone and it didn't take my mom more than an hour to take out the 1 box for each big holiday and put them out :)

We baked cookies every year for easter. Sugar cookies, then set up a table and had all the neighbor kids over to color frost and paint them. It was awesome. Same for Christmas, and it's super cheap! Christmas we did a lot of drop cookies so I got to help with a lot of the baking process whilst Easter was more of just paint the sugar cookies.

There's also easter egg coloring (get them during the after easter sales) and the egg hunt (how can you go wrong?!)

You don't need to have a lot of money in order to spread holiday warmth and love. My family was always full of it, no matter if all I got was a Christmas stocking full of candy and random things like bits of lip gloss........ we just had fun

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I am definitely a big fan of shopping throughout the year. Picking up a little toy for $5 here and there and stashing it away. Before you know it, you're completely covered. And do it yourself b-day parties are a must, my boys actually prefer my homemade cakes to the ones at the store. We have 4 birthdays within 3 weeks in our house. July 13, 20 Aug 3, 4. It's nuts. Clearance racks are definitely our friend. :)

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I have one 2 weeks before Christmas and one 2 weeks after Christmas. Plan what you will get each child for a Birthday gift and for a Christmas gift. I also give each Grandparents a different list of things the kids ask for. I also usually wait to buy my sons till after Christmas in case he does get it or if I do buy it I tell the family. Its all about planing, and budgeting. Keeping lists all year of tpys they want too. Its all works out in the end, good luck.

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I have three kids to buy christmas for...two nine year old stepgirls...and a two year old son. Then the girls birthday is RIGHT around the corner..feb 14.
What I do is shop clearance all year long. I snatch up any little thing the girls might like or want..and hide it in my basement. I can always go down there and dig out a birthday gift or graduation gift for an emergency. I shop year round. Clearance after christmas is a HUGE help.
Maybe look around at goodwill or the thrift stores in your area. I have two book worms who LOVE books..and don't care if they are used.
Be sure and shop the 'cheap stores' in your town. We have Fred's...Dollar General, Family Dollar....
I got my son his first (plastic) tricycle for $12.00, regular price at Fred's. That was the BEST 12$ I have EVER spent! My boy will not get OFF of that silly plastic tricycle!
We went all out on the girl's birthdays in the past...we are so happy to have them! I had a HUGE box of streamers, banners, table cloths, hats...I didn't throw that away. I kept it..and have added to it when I find something cheap (Dollar Tree) Each birthday that comes around...we dig out the birthday box and start pinning up the same banners again. We have about three different kinds of hats...and about 25 noise makers, a few tabletop centerpieces get arranged around the house. (One on the mailbox to mark our house for visitors)
I always bake our own cakes...I can't pay better than $20.00 for a decorated cake if I know I am damn well capable of making it myself. This also lets each birthday subject have their OWN favorite. (Daddy's carrot cake party is totally mellow compared to the twins birthday party)
What you do take what you have...and you make the best of it. THAT is what your kids will remember when they are older.
Here's another idea my best friend just threw at me on her way to the coffee pot....
My best friend always went to the skating rink for birthday parties. Skating, bowling, shooting pool.. It was $2.00 per person to get in the building. Shelly would mention the $2.00 on the invitation and ask them to pay the $2.00 instead of bringing a gift for the birthday girl. Once she had 50 friends there...her $100.00 cover was paid. Renting the skating rink cost her nothing...once 50 friends have showed up.
And of COURSE...they still brought the little girl a gift too...but she DID mention on her invitations you didn't HAVE to give her a gift...your PRESENCE is the PRESENT! (was how she said it on her invitations) This may work better for you when your children are school age...and you have enough of a social network to GET 50 kids to your party.
I made my girls princess dresses one year. I had the sewing machine dug out...and my MOM had given me this DARLING little pattern. I invested about $15.00 in material and lace and sewed each girl an unbelievable princess bride dresses. They couldn't WEAR them anywhere...WAY too formal! But the girls loved them...and played dress up in them all the time. I wish my external harddrive was hooked up...I wanted to show you the precious picture of the two of them asleep in their 'tent' wearing their bride dresses!
All together...grand total, I paid about $20.00 for my son's birthday. He got a few clothes I found on more than 50 cents each. He got toys, and books and playdough...and I didn't make a big deal about how I couldn't afford to do MORE (and we always want to)...I made a big deal about how WONDERFUL his birthday was.

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Dont worry about the future too much. I am 45, had 4 children within 6 years, then on my own for 12. Life twists and turns all the time. Kids dont need expensive stuff, and when they are young they have no expectations. It will be a busy time round xmas every year, then over with for 11 monts!!

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