How can I explain my surgery to my three-year old?

Kathy - posted on 01/21/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am having surgery next week to remove an ovarian cyst. I will be spending the night in the hospital. I've already told my three-year old daughter that I'll be going to a hospital, where there are lots of doctors and nurses that help people get better. And I tell her that I have a "boo-boo in my belly". What I can't figure out is how to explain my need for recuperation when I get home. Right now, I don't have any symptoms of my cyst, no pain or anything. When I come home, I won't be able to pick up my daughter, have her sit on my lap, play with her, etc. I don't want her to be scared of hospitals and thinking that you leave the hospital with more boo-boo's than you went in with. If you've had surgeries while raising a pre-schooler, how did you explain the need for recuperation without making him or her more scared of doctors and hospitals?


Kaleigh - posted on 01/21/2012




I just recently had a much more insegnificant surgery (my gallbladder removed) it was a same day surgery but I could not do much for 2 days after and my 3 year old Is VERY active. He was very worried about the incisions on my belly so I explained mommy had surgery. Now when he gets a cut he thinks he has had surgery! 3 year olds understand a lot more than we think. If you explain to her that mommy's boo boo is healing and you have to rest so it can heal faster I think you're little one will be more than understanding and maybe even try to help your healing process :) good luck!!

Katherine - posted on 01/21/2012




Well you won't be able to lift or walk up and down the stairs or drive for awhile. You're just going to have to tell her it has to heal and you can't do those things. I had a lap done and recovery was 2 days. Not sure what your recovery time will be.


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