How can i get my 13 1/2 momnth old to sleep better?

Jennifer - posted on 01/19/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I dont know what to do. My 13 1/2 month old used to be pretty good sleeper he would sleep about 2 hours a day for his nap then go to bed at 830 and sleep until about 7am. I put him to sleep in his bed awake and he would always fall asleep on his own in about 10 to 15 minute and would wake an hour or so after going to sleep but put himself right back to sleep.

The last few weeks when i lay him down he just cries. The past week he has been falling asleep while eating his bottle so i just lay him down while alseep and then about an hour later he wakes up screaming and wont go back to sleep. We go into comfort him i try not to pick him but he usually just cries louder and kicks his legs cuz he is so mad. So we pick him up comfort him for a few minutes and the lay him back down sometimes he will stay asleep other times he just cries again.

Last night he went to sleep while taking his bottle i layed him down and he woke up an hour later my husband went in picked him rocked him for a few minutes to calm him down and he went to sleep then about 20 minutes later he woke again. i let him cry for about 5 minutes before going in and then i went in to try and calm him down which didnt work he just screamed louder and kicked his legs as if he was throwing a trantum. So i picked him up rocked back to sleep then layed him down within in seconds he was screaming again. So i decdided he needed to cry it out. Well two hours later and him throwing up he never stopped crying. So fianlly at 2 am i couldnt take it anymore i brought him out on the couch with me and he went to sleep.

I dont want to co sleep with my child i dont sleep well and i know he doesnt either. I had done the cry it out method in the past and he would only cry for about 30 minutes at the most then go to sleep. But he fights it even more now that he is older. We have a good bedtime routine that we follow every night, he has a blanky that he uses as his comfort. I need suggestions my husbands says we need to just sleep with him but i dont want to do that. So i guess i just need some ideas. Should i let him just cry it out no matter how long it takes.?

Which honestly i dont think he will go to sleep he is so worked up. and it breaks my heart but somehow he got into this bad habit and i want to break him of it because i know he can do it he has done it in the past. Any ideas would be helpful.

Thanks for the help.


Amy - posted on 01/19/2012




My daughter is a really good sleeper! She has slept through the night since she was two months old same situation as yours I can lay her down awake and she puts herself the sleep.

The exception is when she's teething, it's actually the only way I know she's teething because bedtime becomes a nightmare. She won't fall asleep and when she finally does she wakes frequently and won't settle back down without me holding her. Once the tooth comes through she goes back to her regular sleeping pattern.

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