How can I get my 13 yr old to not masturbate out of privacy

Angela - posted on 09/21/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am very open to answer questions my children have about sex but I feel that sometimes it's going way to far . My son is 13 and in therapy due to multiple emotional issues . He has been committed once before on a suicide attempt. I have 4 children but my son I can't seem to get through to he thinks it's ok to do inappropriate things at inappropriate times this week was the worst beginning with ordering up to $285 worth of adult content on our cable to drawing pictures of spongebob with a penis and being the author of the pic at school which landed him detention and ISS to watching porn on my phone while he was supposed to be listening to music. And yesterday while in public in my car with me sitting in the car and him in the 3rd row seat he proceeds in a sexual act with a plastic bag of clothes when I feel my car moving I look back to see him in the act my first reaction was shock then I freaked out . And started yelling and of course he denied it but when I told him to climb back over the seat he first had to adjust his shorts and became very disrespectful towards me 😡 which infuriated me I was sick to my stomach to have witnessed all of that . Then scared out of my mind to know reality just hit me had I not been there to have caught it it could have been caught and reported pls any suggestions on how to handle this (because one again this has gone to far ) I would gladly appreciate thanks

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