How can I get my 15 yr old son to do his homework?

Sarah - posted on 11/26/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I can't get him to do homework. It always a big long fight. Always ends with me in tears. This started a few yrs ago. Please help!


Ariana - posted on 11/26/2012




You could try to get him a tutor he sees once or twice a week, even a smart twelth grader or college/university student. That way the battle isn't with you but just him getting help from someone and possibly helping him keep organized.

At 15 I would set up a time for him to do home work (from 5-6pm or something close to that) where he needs to sit and do his schoolwork. Just sit at the table. If he refuses to do his homework/study give him a book and tell him to read it, at least that's educational. Either way it would be his choice to either work on his schoolwork or sit at the table reading.

I wouldn't be the homework police for him though, you can make plans with him on how to organize his time and tell him you're there to help him out if he wants it, but if he doesn't want to do it he'll be getting bad grades, if he gets bad grades then I would start giving him consequences. This would involve you speaking with his teachers consistantly and asking them if he's doing well or not.

If he's not succeeding in class then he obviously needs more time at home away from distractions. Meaning he doesn't get to go o ut with his friends for a while, and no cell phone to get distracted by them etc. If you have a plan with his teachers to check up on how he's doing every month then you can tell him if his grades aren't at an acceptable level he's going to lose his privilages. His priorities are home, school, extra things (in that order) so if he's not doing things properly at school then he doesn't get the privilages for outside things.

You already went through school, now it's his turn. Get him a tutor, make yourself available for help, and put in consequences for if his grades are to low; otherwise it's up to him to act responsibly or miss out on other things.

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