how can I get my 18 month old to stay in bed, he used to love it and sleep all night but now he hates it and crys until I sleepmon the floor


Cecilia - posted on 09/20/2013




It sounds like he is insecure about something going on. Maybe a nightlight or something fun on the walls. you know the stars or something of that sort.

I would try to ween him from needing you there by coming and going in and out of the room as he's getting ready for bed. For example, sit on the floor as he wants, but get up go to the bathroom and come back. get up go do the dishes and come back. This will give him the sense that you aren't far away.

Sometimes just changing up his bedding area helps. Buy him new bedding, pillows ect. This will make him like his area and want to be in it. We change bedding themes for my daughter once a year. She is 3 and got her toddler bed at 18 months. I wouldn't suggest he goes to a toddler bed unless you feel he is ready.

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