how can i get my 22 month old son to sleep all night? HELP

Aj290691 - posted on 11/16/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




my son is 22 months, he used to sleep right through the night until we moved into our new house 3 months ago and he got a new bed now he up 6-8 times a night :(, i dont want to start taking him in bed with me as i want him to be able to sleep on his own, iv put up his travel cot bought him different blankets pillows etc but he still up, i make sure he is tired when going to bed and he goes off straight away nearly all the time but is up from 12 on wards :( he goes to sleep after a snack also so i know he is not hungry, he also only shouts on me when he wakes up if his daddy goes through he will cry and shout on me until i have to go through or he just wont settle, i just need some advice on anything else i can do to help him have a proper sleep thanks xxxx

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