How can i get my 6 month old son to hold his own bottle?


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Dove - posted on 08/14/2014




You don't. He should be held for every bottle anyway. If he WANTS to hold his bottle it is fine for you to hold him and have him hold the bottle... but some kids never hold their own bottle and there is nothing wrong w/ that.

Monica - posted on 08/14/2014




I'm having the same issue with my daughter. I just keep putting the bottle in her hands and telling her " hold your ba ba " the when she does it the I encourage her and tell her that I like how she is holding her bottle. In the beginning I started to give her smaller 5 oz bottles to hold then I moved to the larger ones. She hold her her bottle most of the time on her own unless she is really tired. Hope this helps : )

~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/14/2014




He is 6 months old. He may not be ready to. Some NEVER hold their own bottles. Why is it a big deal for you to hold it for him?

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