How can I get my 7 yr. old to behave at school?

Jamie - posted on 10/05/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son has always gotten into some trouble at school but this year has been a nightmare. He has been to the principal's office 4 times and got suspended yesterday. He is disrespectful, not following directions, talking out. No discipline seems to work. We've tried spanking, time-out, grounding, taking away games and computer time. I need help! What do I do to keep my son from becoming a juvenile delinquent?


Tamara - posted on 10/05/2011




Something else is to do something fun with him, like cook or craft or something like that, where there is no set rules just have fun it helps them relax and reminds them (and you) that you can have a good time together. Then after wards say something like 'I had a great time with you I can't wait till we can do this again, maybe on Friday' That way it gives him something positive to look forward to

Katherine - posted on 10/05/2011




Try a reward system with him and make it stick. He has to do certain things to get things back. Negative consequences begets negative behavior. Everything that is happening to him is negative. Nothing is positive. You need some positive reinforcement here.

If he does the tasks on the reward chart he gets something or gets to do something special. Neither one have to cost money. If you choose to give him money or let him do something that requires money that's up to you.

I would be very rigid with this and be consistent. Don't let him slack. If he does he doesn't get a sticker for that day. Another tip: NEVER take a sticker away. That is negative and will cause the behavior you don't want.

When he's doing a good job ALWAYS praise him. Right now he needs a lot of positive reinforcement. It sounds like he's having a really hard time.


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