How can I get my 8 month old baby to sleep through the night?



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Sherwood - posted on 01/10/2010




Cry it out is an out-dated relic of when compassion and love for our children was a bad thing in our culture-

I was told by a well-intentioned nurse that you should make them fall asleep in their own crib so when they wake-up in the night they don't get worried and are able to fall back to sleep on her own. I find the reverse is true, when she feels safe and comfortable when she falls asleep she sleeps longer and better, she tends to wake up soon after falling asleep in her crib- which is usually a struggle, but not always.

My 9 1/2 month-old has mostly been sleeping through the night since I got her on a three meal, one snack, and a little rice cereal just before bed. All this changed her sleep patterns dramatically for the better. Just last month, I was so tired of having to get up as many as three times a night- she was just hungry.

As with everything, the baby has to be developmentally ready to make it through the night without waking and until that happens you just have to try what you think is best.

Kristi - posted on 01/10/2010




I agree with Tassia. Routine (throughout the day) is very important. All of my kids slept through the night by 12 weeks. Had to do the cry it out method with #1 because I rocked him for too long but with all the others, I started out just putting them in their beds when it was time to sleep. Hope things get better soon! Blessings!

Tassia - posted on 01/10/2010




Sleep training and a routine is what's important. A bed time should be no later than 7 - 7:30 because they need to learn healthy habbits now rather than trying to correct it later. There are different types of sleep training, I used the cry it out method at 4months for my daughter. She sleeps throught the night and put herself to sleep since 4 months (her bed time was 6pm and she slept till 6:30am but she also took two naps. I have had no problems with sleeping since. I changed her bed time to 7pm at 9 months then 7:30 at 12 months she sleeps from 7:30 pm till 7am and she takes a 2 -2 1/2 hour nap at 11:30 am every day. After our bed time routine and story and kisses I put her in her crib and kiss her again turn the lights off and she puts herself to sleep. All my friends think that this is such a great thing and they could not get their kids to sleep but I think that this can work for anyone that starts early and does it daily.

Tatiana - posted on 01/10/2010




Your 8 month old is still waking up? My daughter is 3 months old and she's been sleeping through the night for a few weeks now. Thank God!!!!!! I tried a few things to try and get her to sleep. She's drinking 6 oz. now. and i leave her last feeding until 11pm or 12am..and i feed her 7oz. and i change her diaper right after i feed her. I put her in her swing, turn the little music on, put her binky in her mouth and she sleeps until the next day until maybe 10am or 11am. Try that if you haven't already. It took us a long time to get her to do that. Before, she would ONLY sleep in between me and her dad. We're SO happy that she's finally gotten on track. Good Luck

Maria - posted on 01/10/2010




I strongly recommend the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child," by Dr. Marc Weissbluth. He's a father, a pediatrician, and a leading researcher on the subject of sleep in children. Please read the book and take his advice. He is spot-on. He knows his stuff. He's a scientist, and he has a heart. I don't know anyone who has used his advice and been dissatisfied.

I used his book for my (now 33-month-old) daughter, and she has been an excellent sleeper since five months old, and is so easy to put to bed!

April - posted on 01/10/2010




I would try mixing some cereal in with his/her last bottle at night before bed. It could be that just the formula or milk which ever he/she is on may not be filling up the lil belly. The sell bottles with a special nipple for cereal on it. Also if you don't already giving a bath before bed helps them calm down also, I used the "bedtime bath" it worked wonderful. That is about it other than that if there is nothing wrong and they are fed dry and nothing is wrong with him/her, you have to be a "tough mommy" and let them cry to sleep. I could not do that with my oldest however it was easier with my middle daughter. As far as my youngest (who is 6 now) she still wakes up scared and hungry at night sometimes. One thing that she has actually done on her own is sleeping with my heating pad on her tummy, she has been doing this for a week now and she has been fine :). thank goodness they come with an automatic turn off :) however she wakes up when it shuts off I had to show her how to turn it back on lol.

Ashley - posted on 01/10/2010




good luck! lol.. my son didn't sleep through the night until he was 20 months old.

Tara - posted on 01/10/2010




Ill tell you what. Its the hardest thing for you to go through but it works. When my son was about 4 months old I started the cry it out method where you put him to bed and let him cry. After 3 mintues go in and ley him back down and comfort him then leave again. Reapeat after 5 minutes, then 10, then 15. It took my son literally 4 nights of this before he slept through the night, all night. It takes an emotional toll on your through this process but I can assure you it works like a charm. Since he was sleeping all night there have been times where I thought something was wrong and would go make sure he was breathing cause I hadnt heard anything from him for a long time. Hes now 13 months and still sleeps through the night with an occasional wake up here and there but I leave him there and let him put himself back to sleep. Do not go in everytime they wake up. Give them 10 minutes, they will most likely fall back to sleep by then. Hope this helps

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I should add that my babies both have a "routine" that includes a bath, mini massage, eating and then bed time. It's the same EVERY night at the exact same time.

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I have 2 children and both have had to learn to sleep through the night. My first was 11 months olds before I finally had to practice "tough love." By that, I mean, putting him to bed and letting him cry. In order to help myself not feel completely EVIL, I would go in to his room about every 15 minutes, pat his back, tell him it's "night-night time" and leave. Ten to 15 more. No picking up.
With my second, I did the same thing (except at 4 months) and it only took her 2 nights to get the hang of it. She has been sleeping about 11 hours at night now for the last month or so.
It's rough and it's hard to hear them cry, but if they are fed and their diaper is dry, you just have to do it. With both of my children it only took a couple nights and they were home free. Good luck!

Kayela - posted on 01/10/2010




i went and got the night time bath and body wash, and started giving her a bath at night, and then i just rocked her till she fell asleep and then laid her in her bed and she was out. hope that help :)

Jessie - posted on 01/10/2010




Read Ferber's sleep book, and pick and choose ideas to try. I had a kid who was a terrible sleeper, woke up every 45 minutes. It is rough!

Casandra - posted on 01/10/2010




i've never tried it but when i leave my boogie alone with my hubby he mixes rice cereal with my breastmilk that i pump in a bottle while rocking him. I however just wake up with him change him feed him and put him back down he usually wakes up only once

Rebekah - posted on 01/10/2010




Have you tried playing some relaxing music in his room?,I find that panpipes or anything by Enya works pretty well.There are also some very cool lullabye soothers out there,I've used the 'Tomy,Lullabye Light Show' and there was also another one that played various soothing sounds,think it was called ocean sounds,it also played lovely music,sent me to sleep no problem!!!.

Jessica - posted on 01/10/2010




The only thing that worked for me was the cry to sleep.....good luck w/ the sleeping through the night.....

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