How can I get my 8 year old to take his ADD medicine?

Dianna - posted on 10/26/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I feel like the worst mom EVER! He kept saying things like, "I dont want to change who I am, I like myself the way I am" UGGGGHHHHH, the guilt. Also, " I will choke and die"."Why are you doing this to me?","I will study harder""I am ok, I don't need medicine".

I told him if he would not take the medicine, then we would have to improve his diet, remove/reduce TV and video games, and see his therapist more often. He yelled at me, "WHY"

I dont want to give him the meds, but it is obvious he needs the help. I have two teachers, two doctors , and a therapist who all agree it NEEDS to be in his life.

How do you explain this?He is scared to death that he will either choke and die, or never be the same again. I feel like I have scared him for life.


Michelle - posted on 10/27/2012




Get his therapist to talk to him and explain that the pill does not change who he is it just helps him to feel better. My son is 11 and has been taking his meds since he was 5 now he will be the first to tell you that he has a hard time controlling his anger when he doesn't take them and that he would rather take them. The only change we see when he takes his meds is he is not so angry anymore and yes his marks improve drastically.

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