How can i get my 9 month old to sleep in her own bed


Mamamccabe - posted on 03/04/2014




that issss a tough one. been there .... but you may have to resort to the tried and true method of letting her cry. BUT YOU have to be committed to doing it... trying it one or two nights and then giving in blows your chances of this ever working out. i believe the first night we let her cry one minute. went in consoled... another minute of crying... you cannot pick up the child...just console or rub their back. 2nd night two minutes...etc ours worked on 3rd night. other things i have found effective are if she if a doll or stuffed animal kind of little make a production of going to buy a nite nite friend... get it a little blankie (matching pjs is cute too..see American Girl dolls)... bring out doll when its nite nite time.... then you need a definitive routine... bath..pjs (for both doll and your girlie) book reading time... time to tuck each in...kiss each... later on putting water in a spray bottle and using it as monster spray also helps

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