How can I get my 9 year old, going into 5th grade, to read?

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I am struggling with my daughter, Kaela, who is going to be 10 in August. She has ADHD, and with her being home for the summer I want to work with her on her reading skills. I can not afford a lot to put into this, however I can set my own program... I just need advise on getting it started. I feel like she has lost a year of reading this year.


Lisa - posted on 06/13/2011



Here is a website that takes you to a direct link for the San Diego Quick Assessment. It is easy to give and gives you an idea how well they read. Take her to the library and find books she will read based on her interest (not we think as parents or teachers what they will read). There is another site you can go to for her to read called that you can find books at her instructional level. Fifth grade is about a 600 lexile. The big key here is handing her books that are of her interest. Keep trying until she finds one, and it may take a while. If you want to review reading skills that she needs. Listen to her read. At her age she should be able to read multisulabic words. Pay attention to how she reads words with affixes/roots. Otherwise, having her practice reading aloud is good for fluency. One last suggesion if she is not an avid reader at this point and is ADHD, find books with audio to listen at the same time until she is hooked. I spent 12 years teaching kids like your daughter in middle school in an urban district and closed achievement gaps;) Reading is about building a relationship with literacy. Have fun!!

Wendy - posted on 06/13/2011




honestly spending time reading with her is all it should take...everyday easy books first to give her confidance reading the beginning dont let her strugle help her with the words eventualy she wont need the oldest daughter was a very slow reader she was 2 years behind her classmates in grade 3 however by grade7 she was 3 years above her classmates she was good luck today she reads all the time let her see you reading i have always had my head in a book its good for them to see this....good luck

Candi - posted on 06/13/2011




Let her get on the computer. Allow her to play games. She will have to read instructions to figure it out. Thats one idea. Another way is for you to ask her a question about something and ask her to look itup for you and answer your question. Or you could find out her biggest interest and surprise her with a book on it. When my daughter was 4 and 5, she loved dinosaurs. I bought a dinosaur encyclopedia. She could only read a little bit, but boy she tried to read it all and now at age 6 she knows more about dinosaurs than anyone I know. You have to find their interest then indulge! We have everything from dragonology books to medical books in our house b/c my kids' interests have changed over the years, but anything that encourages them to read, I will do!!


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JuLeah - posted on 06/13/2011




Check your local library ... most have summer reading programs. They read so many books, or so many minutes a day and they get .... My daughter love this.

Read with her. You read a chapter, she reads a chapter ... make it a you and her time, have tea, sit outdoors.

Go to half price books stores and get a book, check out books from the library .... pick topics she is interested in of course

Karen - posted on 06/13/2011




I would ask the school to get her tested by the school psycologist first. I was struggling with my son and the older he was getting the farther behind in his reading he was getting. He was doing great in all his other subjects, but as it turns out he is dyslexic. I'm not saying that she's dyslexic, but it may help you figure out what she's struggling with or needs help with first before you start working with her. Good luck, I know how challanging this can be.

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