How can I get my ADHD son to gain weight?

Kim - posted on 07/09/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 9 year old son is ADHD and has been about the same weight for 2.5 years (give or take a pound). When he is on the ADHD meds, he does not eat. When he is off them, he is so active he burns off whatever he eats. How can I get him to gain weight? I have tried pedia-sure and milkshakes, but nothing is working!


Jessica - posted on 07/09/2012




My son who will be 10 next month also has ADHD and has a high's like fighting a losing battle. I was told to make sure he eats breakfast before he takes his meds, it does seem to at least keep him losing...not very much gaining. When his meds wear off, he also eats a lot. The doctors told me to let him. Throughout the day when he's home, I will kind of push food on him...he isn't hungry when he's on the medicine. He always says no, but I just tell him eat something little, some toast, or fruit...even a bowl of chips anything to get food in him, and at least keep him at the same level instead of losing weight.


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Jaime - posted on 07/09/2012




Not really sure what to suggest, but has his doctor expressed concerns about his weight? I'm asking because I thought that, typically, kids tend to taper off with regard to weight gain at certain points during their development. I'd say as long as he IS eating well and not losing weight then it's probably not too serious. And maybe try more carb-heavy foods that take longer to burn off...not sure that's the answer though, so you might want to ask his doc first before you try anything if you haven't already :)

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