How can I get my baby childcare ready?

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Ive been a stay at home mom since my baby was born, i'd planned to stay home with her until she started walking and was a little more independant. Unfortunately I have to go back to work sooner than I'd hoped, shes 8 months now and as I wasn't a fan of the "let her cry it out" method, shes basically glued to my hip 24/7 and I know whichever childcare I choose to go with will just let her cry. Is there anything I can do to make this easier on her or do I just have to deal with the fact that my baby will be miserable for awhile? :(


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Look for a nanny that will come into your home and care for her instead of sending her into a center. Another option is an in-home daycare with only a couple of other kids. Or a stay at home mom friend of yours (or a friend of a friend) that could use a little money.


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well, the being glued to your hip is a problem when it comes to putting them in child the teachers will not carry her (basically at all) the child care teachers will carry her from the high chair to the mat, and to the bed, the only time she will ever get held is when feeding them a bottle... thats about it. you need to get her to be more independent. and they will allow the baby to cry herself to sleep when you put her in day care... so you need to help her learn to go to sleep on her own

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