how can i get my baby to have a better behavior??

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help!! please i have no idea how to help my baby by letting her know that by throwing herself on the ground is the the way she will get attention... (tantrum)


Dove - posted on 01/04/2013




Make sure she won't hurt herself and ignore the tantrum. Not giving in, being consistent, and time are the best ways to let her know that tantrums won't get her anywhere. Some kids don't throw tantrums for long... other kids will throw them for years no matter what 'technique' you use to deal with them. It's really a maturity (or lack thereof) and a temperament thing for how long they last and how bad they get. Also, comfort, attention, and modeling GOOD behavior when she isn't throwing a tantrum can help. Right now she just gets so full of emotion that she doesn't know how to deal with it and that can be a very scary thing for a little one. Finding the balance between comforting the fit while not giving into the demand can be a bit tricky, but helping her to feel understood while still not letting her get away with whatever she wants can help.

Good luck! My son is almost 5 and still has his moments. He's come a LONG way from toddlerhood fits though. He is very stubborn and was born with a wicked temper though. My older two 'matured' past the mega fits much faster.


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Bobbi Jean - posted on 01/04/2013




I can't improve on Dove's advice, except to support it. It is essentially the strategy used with my own kids, nieces, nephews, and now grandnieces and nephews. Takes time, it is not an easy road all the time, but it is remarkably effective in the end. I found it eventually makes the teenage years easier. Best of luck.

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thanks i will do that.. i guess it just scares me since it is my first baby.. i still have so many questions for all the moms lol.. thank you so much :)

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