How Can I get my child to sleep in his own bed?

Jeniffer - posted on 04/24/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My four year old son has been co sleeping with us since he was born. He has a very awesome twin size car bed. We told him that once he was out of pullups he had to start sleeping in his own bed. That didn't happen. Daddy keeps telling him he has to start sleeping in his own bed but never does anything to help that happen. I have tried getting him attached to a stuffed animal or blanket for security issues and it hasn't worked. I am his security item he has to be touching the skin on my arm or he won't go to sleep. Can anyone help me with any ideas I can try? Please no bashing!


Catalina - posted on 04/26/2012




Hi Jennifer,

Well that sounds like a whole lot of saying its going to happen but never happening. It's possible that you and your husband have more anxiety about this than your son does! :-)

You need to be careful when you talk to your son about it that you don't make it sound daunting, for example saying "soon you are going to have to sleep in your own room" can sound like a threat, but if you say "guess what honey? You're old enough to sleep in your room tonight, let's go to the store today and get you a night light and fun things for your room!" sounds exciting and makes him feel independent.

So that's the first thing, a positive mind set is key!

Next is actually doing it! This is where your son will learn if you really mean it, again keep it positive, read stories say goodnight, keep the door open and make sure you and your husband don't go straight to be or your son will feel excluded. If your son wakes up or comes out gently walk him back in answer his questions keep it short and sweet and walk out.

Be resilient!!

It could take a week of a lot of putting him back in bed or he could love it! Either way, good luck!!

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