How can I get my daughter potty trained? PLEASE HELP

Shannon - posted on 06/08/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




my daughter will be 3 in november and I am at my wits end with her...She will NOT go potty or poopy in the potty at all. She knows where she is supposed to go because when I ask her where we go potty she points to her potty chair and says "in there"...she will sit there forever and do nothing, get up and go in her diaper right away...I have tried the training panties on her, and she came over and said "uh-oh" and then went on playing she could have cared less...I have tried bribery so I have no idea what to do with her...Please help


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They really have to want to do it, it is one thing that they actually can control so this isn't something that you can force them to do. My daughter just turned 3 in April and if FINALLY potty trained accept at night. For peeing I tried pull up and she didn't even try to use the potty/toilet because she knew they were a diaper so she just went in the pull ups. I let her pick out her favorite character panties and told her big girls don't pee in panties my daughter is also very eager to go to preschool so I told her she needed to use the potty so she could go to school. Every 30 minutes I would take her to the potty to see if she had to go, once she actually started peeing on the potty then I explained that if her private started to "tickle" that meant she had to go pee. She has accidents every once in a while now normally if she gets really distracted playing she'll forget to take a potty break. As for pooping oh lord I tried every thing and same thing as soon as I put a diaper on her she'd poop. There were a few nights and sat there and cried thinking my daughter would never be potty trained haha. I started realizing that she pooped every day around the same time so I started giving her prune juice to make sure it didn't hurt when she went and then around that special time I'd put her on the potty and she would have to sit there until she went we read books and sang songs colored pictures anything to distract for the fact that she was sitting on the potty then once her body was relaxed enough she'd go! In the beginning some days we sat there for 45 minutes, and I would talk to her and tell her she had to put in the potty and her belly wouldn't hurt any more and explained that every body poops and it's ok. It's been about a month now and she does it on her own. Even if my daughter didn't poop on her potty I told her good job for trying to keep her encouraged and if she didn't go in the diaper I tried not to yell or get angy even though it was frustrating we would just dump the poop in the potty explained again that this is where we put our poop and when she did finally go on the toilet we made a HUGE deal about it go really excited and jumped up and told dad and I told her how proud we were of her and she called grandma and auntie to tell them she pooped on the potty!
It takes A LOT of patience and time it'll happen hang in there momma just keep reinforcing her and stay positive. Oh and bribes never worked with our daughter either candy toys money nothing....patience was the only thing that worked.

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