How can I get my son to eat?

Krissie - posted on 04/04/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 1yr 9month old son, he hasn't been eating a lot lately and i'm starting to get worried. What are some methods that you mom's did or tried? any advice or opinions would be great.


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YeeSin - posted on 04/05/2012




I have the same problem with my DD. She is a super picky eater, and it is impossible to get her to eat anything most of the time. I talked to her Pedi and a few early childhood educator regarding this. All they told me is that as long as the kid is healthy ie. running, playing jumping around, they are fine. Our job as a parent is to provide them healthy food options, and it is their job to eat and how much to eat. I notice that if there's someone else with my DD during mealtime, peer pressure of other kids eating will help her eat more and better. Daycare/preschool helps a lot with my DD's picky eating habits. She eats what all other kids eat at school!

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Just offer him healthy foods that he likes on a regular basis and let him decide how much he eats. Some kids at this age really don't eat much. Unless he has other medical issues.... he won't ever starve himself.

When my girls were around 2 a little friend of theirs would literally lick the syrup off a waffle and be done w/ breakfast. She did this (and similar) for a LONG time. She's a happy, healthy 9.5 year old now. Still doesn't eat nearly as much as my kids, but she's growing just fine. ;)

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