How can I get my three year old son to go number two in the toilet he basically refuses..


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Claire - posted on 02/23/2012




We're in the same boat, although he's pooped in the potty a few times before. He's working on overnight potty-training, and wakes up around 5am in a mad dash to the potty. If he's dry, I put his diaper back on and attempt to get us both more sleep; however, he usually comes in 30-45 minutes later with a loaded diaper. Unfortunately for him, I'm sick of waking up to that smell. As of this morning, no more diapers after that 5am potty run. He didn't poop today, but he'll have to at some point! He knows what he's doing and he'll have to just do it! I'm looking forward to praising him when he does it.

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