How can I get my three year old to start behaving and listen?


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Shawnn is right about having patience. Also, what I noticed with my son, who is now 4, is that he responds better when he feels heard. Like, if he wanted candy at bedtime and I said no. Then he'd get whiny. The way I would nip it in the butt would be to say, "Jacob, you want candy. I hear you. But it's bed time and you've already brushed your teeth. You can have a piece of candy tomorrow after school ok?" Nine times out of ten, when he felt like he was understood, he was easier to handle and more likely to behave. Some days I miss it when he was so tiny and helpless and would just stay where I put him lol Once they start developing opinions, part of our job is that we have to listen to them. And they seem to have lots of strange opinions lol

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Patience, my dear!

Repetition, and patience. 3 is a tough age. Start enforcing the time outs, even though that means that you're going to be putting a wriggling little body back into that chair however many times that takes...

At 3, my kids responded well to the removing of favorite toys. Buzz Lightyear and Woody were the favs at the time, and if I'd say that I was going to take either away, my kids were as good as could be. Not always, mind you, but it worked well.

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