How can I get our toddler to be nicer to our Senior dogs?

User - posted on 05/17/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 21 month old nephew (we have Guardianship and he lives with us) continually throws stuff at our senior dogs. I have tried everything I can think of to get him to stop this behavior. The 1 dog is Homer, a 13 yr. old 80lb. Mixed Breed, who is very gentle and understanding, but he is the one that gets the most abuse. The other is a 12 yr. old Beagle, Sam, who is able to get away from him more easily. The baby daily pushes toys off the coffee table onto Homer who likes to lay under the table between it and the couch. If he's walking through a room, he'll push him along from behind. If these were younger dogs, it wouldn't be as much of a problem, but as I said these are senior dogs. It takes the larger dog several minutes just to get up and away from the baby. I feel he isn't doing it to be mean, he's just "playing" with them, but then again I worry that this is unkind behavior. Any suggestions?

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