How can I get rid of ants on kitchen counter tops?


Rebecca - posted on 06/06/2011




also if you mix cornmeal with sugar they will tale it back to the nest and it will kill them with-ought you worrying about keeping kids away from poisons

Valerie - posted on 06/05/2011




if you keep it where no animals or children can get at it and in the path of the ants ...terro ant killer...they eat it and then take it back to the nest which eliminates the problem in usually a couple of days

Jennifer - posted on 06/05/2011




We use seven dust. It's what a lot of people use in their gardens for bugs eating food plants, and sprinkle it all around the outside of the house. It's best to do this every spring before they start comming in, but it will stop anymore from comming in now. Then I put liquid ant bait in places that my cats and kids can't get to (behind the fridge, or washing machine) and the child proof ant baits close to all doors and on counter tops, and beside the trash can. We had them really bad last year inside the house (downfall to living far in the country surrounded by trees) and we did this and after about a week, never saw another ant. This year we did the seven around the house before they started comming in, and haven't had a problem.


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Kelly - posted on 06/06/2011




Terro Ant Bait or Boric Acid Sugar Bait for Ants. Can get this in a store. If you have pets just tuck it into a cupboard or behind something they can get access too. You don't want to keep them at bay but kill them and the existing colony. Then you won't continuously have to deal with them and apply repellants all the time. We own a pest control company. My hubby brings home stuff from the office and they are these little peanut butter poisen tabs in a little thing with holes. I also have to leave the dead where they are and they carry them back to the nest and the others then die from eating them. Usually takes me one shot each spring and they are gone for a year : )
I tuck them in a closet near activity or behind something so our dog won't get into them.

Rebecca - posted on 06/06/2011




wash the counter-tops with vinegar and put cinnamon or talc powder along the windows and outside doors where they come in

Melodie - posted on 06/05/2011




I have the same problem and I am very frustrated I know the cinnamon doesn't work. I tried it. I'm not afraid of poisons but I have a real problem using it where I cook and prepare the food. I have also found that no matter how careful I am at cleaning everything up they are still on the kitchen counters.

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Pepermint Oil - they won't cross it AND it makes the house smellgood :)

We have sugar ants that invade our house every frigg'n winter. What we do is put the pepermint oil along all the baseboards and windows. Then when they do get in we follow their trail and caulk the hole(s) where they come in. Also, those stupid ant poison things don't work. If you're going to go with ant killer, get Raid. We spray the outside of our house with it and it works great. (We found all this out from others and experience. We only had 1 ant invasion last winter and it was gone within 2 days because of the tricks above).

Good luck - those ants are SOOO annoying and gross! Yuck!

Nichole - posted on 06/05/2011




Mix lavender oil with water and put in spray bottle. Spray where they are and where they come it. They hate it. It's worked in my house. :)

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