How can I help my 15 month old sooth herself to sleep?

Shastin - posted on 04/12/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




She won't take a pacifier and prefers to nurse to sleep. She is my third and nurses more than my other two ever did. She has had trouble soothing herself to sleep since birth.


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Katie - posted on 04/12/2011




NAWWW that sucks! I ended up nursing my big boofa for ages to, I did not make the same mistake with my next one. My mother also made the mistake with me and I was a I did the cruel to be kind thing..sometimes kids pick it up..for others self soothing has to be taught. Basically it took 9 days all up. I used put him to bed and wait till he cried...wait for as long as I could, then go in and sit beside him..roll him on his side not facing me and just pat his bum and shoooosh him off..once he stettled..I'd leave again, adn wait the same amount of time to go back in if he cried..I'd keep repeating untill he fell asleep and of course do the same if he woke up before he was suppossed to..I LOVE rutines with It got worse before it got better, and made me feel like crap and at times I wanted to throw the cot against the, hmmm purhaps get the other half to help u in these moments. But I took solice in the fact that I was with him through most of it, and that in the end he was able to self sooth..somthing I still struggle with now with sleep.

On the other hand..been the other side and I know people will disagree..but my MIL gave me the best advice..she said do whatever it, my eldest ended up with a tv in his room.. I won't even tell what the sleep experts, it will get people going...but it always gets better, they don't do this forever..mind u my son still sleeps with the telly on and he still sleeps badly..but hey did the job..happy baby..happy

The other things I used to do were..soothing music even during bathtime and my sons both loved the mobiles that played pictures on the

Good luck hun..try to make up ur own mind about what u want to do..take advice sure..but don't let anyone push u into anything.

Meg - posted on 04/12/2011




Does she have a blanket or stuffed animal she likes? Have you tried giving her a sippy cup of milk before bed. Does she have a bedtime routine of a sippy cup of milk and stories or songs? My son has a routine, but is a night owl. when he was younger we had to go through the crying it out. It was hard, but it helped.

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