How can I help my 2 year old daughter get over her fear of my boyfriend?

Ashley - posted on 07/10/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




In short, my toddler is terrified of my boyfriend. Shes fine as long as he's sitting down and/or I am holding her (for the most part), but if he stands up, walks even slightly toward her or tries to pick her up, she freaks. It wasnt always like this. She used to be fine with him, but the last few months she acts like she thinks hes going to hurt her. I can say with 100% confidence he has never laid hands on her or done anything wrong to her. They have been alone only for maybe two minutes once when I took the trash out and I know this man. He has 2 daughters that adore him and he would never hurt Jaley or me. Ever. She talks about him all the time and likes to sit next to him on the couch or bring things to him like dolls or cookies or something, but if I go into the kitchen or try to go to the bathroom alone she freaks. if he stands up ir tries to play games with her, she freaks. This is really msking things hard on our relationship. This is a wonderful, kind, amazing man that has been trying SO HARD to build a relationship with my daughter. He is starting to feel that it's selfish for us to be in a relationship if it stresses her out to be around him. I could see being with him for the rest of my life, but it obviously wont work if the two of them are stressing eachother out. What do I do?

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