How can I help my 6yr old homework without yelling at him


Wendy - posted on 06/30/2013




How did homework (if any) go for him in kindergarten? Has there been a dramatic increase in his work load? Does his school offer free tutoring or after-school help? That might be helpful to give you a break two or three homework days per week.

I've always applied the technique of letting them answer. This takes patience, not just waiting for the next teller patience, but summer theme park patience. I suggest going through his homework about 15-20 minutes before you sit down with him. Then you know how much and how long and you won't feel rushed to move on to the next item. Also, give yourself and him a break between each sheet, chapter, assignment. No more than 5 minutes. If you both are feeling stressed, print a sheet of jokes for each week, and during your breaks read jokes to each other. Make sure you take study breaks outside of the study area.

Also try putting on some low-volume music if he can keep his attention. It helps encourage brain activity. And for you, be sure to have changed into house clothes and have a snack before you help your son. It will make you feel relaxed and give you a sugar boost to keep your energy up. Try a trail mix, raw veggies, or fruit!


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Chandra - posted on 07/20/2019




I recently started working again after being a ftm for the last 5yrs my husband and I basically switched roles, its summer time and my son isnt as active as he was when it was me with him, he is not practicing his reading or workbooks as much nor is he getting enough outdoor time(in my opinion) I try to set up little ideas for my husband to put into action but he doesnt always go with it. Iv'e been drained of energy and patience and its become difficult to get my son to even read a Paige in his book let alone get him outside how can I balance rhis with my inconsistent work schedule? I want to help him study and stay on track before he starts first grade without me yelling and getting upset in the end and leaving both my son and I downspirited. Ugh I need help!!

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