How can i help my boy to gain more weight? He is 1 year old, weighing 9kg..

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Hi, a worried mum would appreciate some tips on how to help my baby boy to gain more weight.. he's currently taking formula about 12oz a day..


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i don't think there is anything wrong with your child weight.:) as long as he's above the 5th percentile theres nothing to worry about. he is petite, and i've experienced this with all of my boys. my youngest is 2 1/2 and he weighs 21 lbs. (9.53 kg) and the advice i got for him was to have calories calories calories. put butter in everything. put cheese and sourcream on everything. if you give him veggies or fruit give a dip with it. once you stop formula, use whole milk. pediasure, or boost are good drinks to help with growth, so is carnation instant breakfast. good luck, and just know there's nothing wrong with your son, he's just little.

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hi :) Is he having any solid foods? He should eat three times a day and if he wants you can give him snacks inbetween like fruits. Sorry im not sure if your feeding him solids yet because you didnt mention it. But if you are and he still isnt gaining any weight maybe you should go see his doctor just to check up on him. Hope this helps :)


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HI, a concerned mom would appreciate some tips on how to help my 1yr old boy gain weight.

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Hi my little girl was actually smaller at this age she was only 8.7kilos. She wouldnt have taken any where near 12oz a day of formula at the age either but she was never a big feeder. One of the biggest things you need to look at first and foremost is how big are you and his father. If you are both small stature then he will naturally lean towarsd being smaller. I would also think about getting his iron checked but if he is on formula it shouldnt be an issue. If he is off formula try the pedisure or boost mixes they contain all the vitamins

The second biggest thing you need to know is that if he is happy and content and gaining weight all be it slowly dont worry he is perfectly fine. My niece is happy as and never stops she is tiny only weighing just over 9 kilos at 18 months they worried for ages but it runs in the family so they gave up worriying as she also eats like a horse

Here are a few of the things i was told by a child dietician to do.
1 keep him on the formula till atleast 2.
2 even try adding a table spoon of powdered milk to his formula.
3 if he is on cows milk do the same add powdered milk(this enrichers it)
4 try high protien foods, cereals and beans are great.
5 green veggies of any sort.
6 oddly enough fried food i know its odd.

My little girl was actually put on a diet they use for cancer sufferes to help them maintain and gain weight. I wouldnt be to concerned i know a lot of little ones. One of my nieces was the same but by 5 she started to fill out more. My 18 months old niece is the same only weighs approx 9.5 kilos now and never stops. My little girl is now 4 and 3 months weighs 16kilos and 100cms tall so still very small but she is happy and maintaining the weight lines. This is the main thing they watch for that they maintain the weight percentials. This is were i had an issue as she had a drop from the 75% to the 17% in 6 months and it was all hell brakes loose the drs freaked but never worked out why it happened.

Try searching for some recipes for picky toddlers in the search box on the top of this page. There should be a lot of simple recipes that still contain all the required elements.

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