How can i help my child learn how to crawl?


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Nicola - posted on 04/26/2014




my little boy is 10 months and will not crawl he will sit happily for hours and play but when I put him on his tummy he just screams he rolls to get to his toys

Jovanne - posted on 11/19/2008




My daughter started crawling after we got one of those jumpers that go in the doorway. It may have been a coincidence, but I think it may have strengthened her leg and back muscles. Otherwise, the best thing you can do is give her tummy time and provide her with opportunities to want to crawl. My daughter was attracted to my laptop. I would lure her forward with it. My daughter army crawled at 6 1/2 months and was crawling good by 7 1/2 months. Some babies don't crawl until 11 months. Every baby is different! You just have to find ways for them to teach themselves.

Julie - posted on 11/19/2008




I would suggest a toy that "walks" itself. This will encourage your baby to follow it. I also show her how she can use her feet to push by gently pushing against her feet.

Jennifer - posted on 11/19/2008




how old is your baby? i am trying to help my 7 month old at the moment. she gets herself onto her tummy from a sitting position and then reaches for the toy that i have places out of reach. i am just a bit nervous of her flipping onto her tummy, so i make sure that there is nothing around her that can hurt her or that there is padding and that my hand is there just in case she bonks her head down onto the floor. lots of tummy time if you can, put toys just out of reach so they have to work to get it, lay on your tummy opposite of her so she is forced to lift her head to look at you. i am buying the baby einstens sxploration crawl tunnel for her for christmas...its pretty neat, they also have a crawling ball that moves and they have to try to get it. all in all though, if your baby isnt showing sign of crawling, she's not ready. make sure you can tell that she is trying to get something or somewhere, that she is determined to do these things, otherwise she will just get frustrated and cry because she wont understand what you are trying to make her do!

good luck!

Rachael - posted on 11/19/2008




Each baby develops at different stages and you can't necessarily teach it to them. Just provide her with plenty of tummy time and she will eventually get it down. You can entise her with toys or food (if age appropriate) just outside of her reach to encourage her to scoot/crawl to it. Babies typically start crawling anywhere from 6-10 months of age on average.

Mollie - posted on 11/19/2008




Tummy time is about it. Because we do back to sleep now, kids are spending less time on their bellies. So when they are on their tummies they hate it and without that time they don't start crawling as quickly as in years past. But don't stress, your little one will do it.

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