How can I help my overweight Daughter to lose weight, get confident & make friends

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I have the most adorable 20 year old Daughter who was bullied at school in previous years....due to this cruel and nasty bullying, it has lead to weight gain, no confidence (slouched posture) and no is absolutely heartbreaking to see this young woman with sadness in her times I nag her about losing weight, which is causing arguments. obviously not the answer, any advise ladies??


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Jennifer - posted on 05/29/2012




Are there any physical activities she enjoys? You could invite her to join you. Even getting out and walking through the mall, the zoo, a park, or a science center is exercise. You could also take a (healthy) cooking class that presents the exotic or new. Don't focus on, or even mention, the "healthy" aspect of it. Just enjoy spending time with her. Let her know she is loved and worth being with. You can invite her to go places with you and your friends too.
If she is at all interested in things medieval, you might check out your local SCA group. (Society for Creative Anachronism) It's made up of lots of interesting folks of all shapes and sizes. I am a big girl and I have made so many good friends who make me feel great about myself. We have recently formed a side support group and are helping each other get healthier.
I hope this helps.

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Thanks Brittany, When I say "i nag her", its done in the warmest kindest manner, trying to support her in any way she needs...I would never call her or anyone else fat. I appreciate your comment and will invite her out on a shopping day, sounds like a great idea

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My best advice is to back off. The worse thing to hear is that your fat from your own family. Unless she's blind she can see that. She doesn't need someone constantly pointing it out to her. That will only make her even less confident in herself.

Support her as she it. Take her shopping for some fun clothes in her size. They make some really cute things for bigger girls now.

Make her feel beautiful as she it. As her confidence goes up, so will the want to be healthy.

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