how can I help my son who has borderline intellectual functioning?


Rebekah - posted on 09/11/2012




Was he professionally evaluated that you know what his IQ is? If so, can you get specific recommendations from whomever evaluated him? A school psychologist would be someone who can give detailed suggestions about how to help your child and what areas he struggles with. If he's only had a brief screening, you may want to pursue a more in-depth evaluation so that you can obtain those specific details on what your child needs.

Find out from his teacher how he's performing in school and what they are doing to help him. Does he qualify for any additional learning support or an IEP? Advocate for your child and make sure the school is aware of what his needs are.

Also, build on your son's strengths. If academics are going to be a challenge, make sure he has other areas to explore that he really enjoys that might come more easily to him. Encourage him to take responsibility with chores around home and empower him that way.

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