How can I increase my chances of breast feeding while pregnant?

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Hello ladies,
I am almost 25 weeks pregnant with my second child.
With my first, I ended up having an emergency c-section which resulted in an infection. I was on antibiotics, I.v treatments, for two weeks and after that dilemma my milk production wasn't enough, and my son had already adjusted to the bottle.
I was able to breast feed him for the first two days, but I still had issues with latching. After the first day I was bleeding, sore, cracked, and in agonizing pain.

I don't want my previous experience with breast feeding affect how I feel about breast feeding my new baby.
Is there anything I can do now (other than basic reading, and research) to help improve my chances of breast feeding? I was reading somewhere about Fenugreek root, or capsules to help stimulate the sweat glands and milk supply.

Is there anything else I can do? Massages or food options, vitamins.. Anything?


Kaitlin - posted on 05/20/2012




The supplements are more of a mental technique than anything else, but some do swear by them. Don't start taking anything without consulting your OB though, and wait until you've given birth. There are some fortifying oatmeal based cookies you can make, with brewer's yeast to help stimulate milk production, and some foods that will help your caloric intake without the junk (oatmeal, bran, wheat germ, healthy fats etc) and drink water and eat while breastfeeding.

In my experiences, the best option is to be prepared for everything. Get in contact with a lactation consultant or support group. Go to the birth and breastfeeding classes. Talk to your OB about a perscription strength cream for your nipples (lansinoh did nothing for my severely cracked bleeding nipples). Learn about the signs for mastitis and catch it early if you get it- same with thrush. After you give birth, have someone bring you a cabbage, break it up and put it into a big bowl of ice water or in your fridge- works wonders for painful nipples.

I had very difficult issues breastfeeding, but I managed to make it work for seven months with my first, a year with my second. Try not to stress about it- and if you for some reason can't, don't let people make you feel guilty. People say it's easy and it's natural- they're full of it. It takes work. I would also suggest that you don't throw in the towel until at least two or three weeks- it can take time for your nipples to get used to it, for your milk to come in, for latching to work right...... some experts say give it two months.

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