How can I increase my milk supply while exclusively pumping? I have a 6 month old son, and have been exclusively pumping and bottle feeding him. He is now eating solids in addition to breast milk, but I am finding my milk supply is drastically drying up. I have been under a lot of stress recently and have been losing weight. I am not sure how to turn this all around so that my son can continue on breast milk for another 6 months! He eats a lot and is a big boy so I need to figure something out quickly! Any ideas and advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Nicole - posted on 08/24/2012




When I breastfed my son I would also pump for about 15-20 after he was done feeding. After awhile this tricked my body to believe that I needed to make more milk. I didn't have rely on pumping constantly, just enough to increase my supply. Drink plenty of water, enjoy an extra piece of fruit it will help. Find ways to relax too, as stress will interfere with milk production. A trick I learned from a nurse in maternity is when I use the pump, I would keep a blanket my son was wrapped close to me so I could breathe in his scent. It will help your body make the connection that you need to make more milk.

Katherine - posted on 08/23/2012




Are you pumping every 2 hours? Drinking lots of water? Stress can definitely do it. I had a spell where I almost lost my supply due to stress. I mean I would drink almost a case of water a day lol. I craved it.

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