How Can I Keep My 3 Month Old Awake In The Day?

Ariel Aloura - posted on 04/24/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son Makarios is 3 months old; he sleeps all day and is up all night. I am wanting to know how to keep him awake in the day so he will sleep at night. He is my first child I am open to suggestions on anything any and all the help I can get is open and welcome. Thank you for your time. Hope to hear from other moms. =)


~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/24/2013




I would look at how many naps he is taking during the day, and what time he wakes up. I would try to give him a nap 2 hours after he wakes up, and probably still give him about 3 naps during the day at that age. You can play with him and keep him active. At night, don't play with him. If you are rocking him to sleep, just hold him in your arms in the dark and sing songs to him and tell him it is bed time. It can be really tricky changing their schedule and takes hard work but it is worth it. Try getting him up around 7-8 am, nap around 10-11, another nap around 2-3, and if he needs another one later then give it to him. The longest one should be the first or the second nap. They sleep a lot at that age, and some times they are just cat nappers....where they sleep 15-45 mins at a time and that is all they need. Typically as they get older the naps get longer. I liked to give naps after feeding personally.

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