How can I make brushing teeth fun for a 4 year old when mommy is not at home at the time??

Natalie Ann - posted on 01/31/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 4 yr old absolutely hates brushing his teeth, unless I am there to do it with him. We sing as we are brushing and make funny dance moves, and of course that is my strategy of making him brush his pearlies. However, I am a single mom of two boys, that works overnights and attends school. My brother watches them for me while I am away from the house. Sometimes I get home after he is off to school for the day, and my brother doesnt do all the dances and singing that mommy does, he just feds them, dresses them, and watches them off to school to get on the bus. Now my 7 year old loves brushing his teeth. How do I get the little one to love it as much as he does?? I worry about cavaties and gum difficiencies.


Ariana - posted on 01/31/2013




I would have it so your brother takes the 'snack' or 'sugary' food out of your sons lunch box if he refuses to brush his teeth. So if he's got a juice box and some cookies (or w/e snack he might get) he doesn't get to have that at school that day since he didn't brush his teeth. That way it's not really a battle for your brother to get him to do it or not. I would also have it so once you finally do get home he needs to brush his teeth right away and once again before bed (or whenever you do the second toothbrushing).

That way he learns if you don't brush your teeth you don't get to eat sugary snacks that are bad for them, and also ultimately he WILL end up brushing his teeth twice that day. You might also have your brother either try to sing the song (my son loves the 'brush your teeth' song) or to give your son a sticker if he does it (this also motivated my son to brush his teeth at the beginning stages).

If you decide to do that obviously talk to your brother first about it and see what he thinks or is willing to do. Once you've done that talk to your son about it, maybe on a weekend before school starts so he has a couple days to digest it. You could explain how germs get on our teeth from all the food we eat (especially sugary snacks) and you want to make sure his teeth stay healthy. From now on if he doesn't brush his teeth for his uncle he's going to not get snackfood in his lunch because you want to keep his teeth clean, no brushing your teeth means no snacks. Try to emphasize about keeping the teeth clean and listening to his uncle etc. and be as positive as you can about it.

If he does start brushing his teeth give him lots of praise and highfives etc so he knows you appreciate the effort even though you know he doesn't enjoy doing it.

Also I wouldn't worry a super amount about the cavaties etc. If he continues to refuse to brush his teeth simply make him do it once as soon as you get home so that he's still brushing twice a day even if they aren't at the times you'd like. Lots of kids go through this, my friend has a 7 year old who JUST this year started brushing her teeth consistantly. So just keep being positive about it but let him know it's not good for his teeth to not brush them.

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