how can i make my baby sleep at night?he cries alot


Firebird - posted on 02/12/2013




He's waking up because he's hungry. He's far too young to be expected to go the whole night without feeding. Some babies do, most don't.

Faye - posted on 02/12/2013




I was spoiled with my oldest as she slept all night from the first night. The nurses at the hospital could not figure out why I did not want them waking her up to feed. I told them to leave her sleep but if she woke on her own, to bring her in. She never did wake until at 5 AM.

My second on the other hand, woke every night between 1 and 2 AM. He would eat and be back to sleep within 30 minutes of waking. At 10 months, he was getting so big and I was tired of getting up each night for 30 minutes that I offered him a bottle of water. He decided that if he was only going to get water, (tasteless and clear) he would just sleep.

Yours is still so young, he will grow out of waking every night. Just give it time. He is still learning how to get what he needs (dry diaper, empty tummy) that his only way of letting you know is to cry.

Brittney - posted on 02/03/2013




I always tried to keep my daughter up during the day more so she would sleep more at night, if that isn't possible, know that it does get batter, he will start sleeping more at night and during the day less on his own. Make sure the room is dark (ready for sleeping) and you have a nightly routine.


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Kelsey - posted on 02/14/2013




My baby is 9 months old now. He's only slept through the night like a hand-full of times. He gets up once or twice now. It's a lot better then every half hour or every hour like he was when he was a newborn, Your baby is so small; at this point, she's waking up when she needs something. All I have to say, is enjoy your cuddles with your little baby. They don't stay little for very long.

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