How can I make my baby to roll over?

Janet - posted on 12/18/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi, I need help.. My baby girl just turned 3 months and she still is not rolling over. I put her on her belly everyday before each feeding, but she doesn't seem to like it after 5-10 minutes. What can I do to make her roll over?


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Brianna - posted on 12/18/2012




I dont think there really is a how every baby learns at there own paste just keep putting her on her stomach or try putting something that she loves next to her and she might turn and try and grab it thats what i did with my daughter i also tried putting her on her stomach and kind of turnning her my self and she should catch on my daughter was about 3-4 months as well but ever baby learns at there own paste...... good luck!!!!

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