How can I make play dates with other kids for my daugther


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Talk to the other moms at her activities.
If you do mommy and me classes, try to arrive 15 minutes early and make time to stick around for 15 minutes or so to chat.
If you usually drop her off to run errands during dance or gymnastics practice (or whatever sport she is doing), try to stick around and chat with the other moms at least once a week or so.
Always offer to be team mom or room mom because then you get everyone's information and you can just call and say, "Hi, my daughter always has a blast with your's, would you like to meet up sometime to let them play?" and so on.
When you are at the park, say hello to the other moms and complement something their kid is wearing, like "That shirt is adorable!" She'll probably tell you where she found it and you can go on from there and chat about great places to shop or whatever. Ask her if she'd like to meet up at the park again sometime and set a date.

Basically, just talk to people just like we all did in high school. Just don't divulge too much about yourself and stick to public place play dates.

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