How can I make sure that my 10 month old is getting enough nutrition?

Jessica - posted on 06/24/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




What foods do you give your babies to eat? My daughter now wants to eat everything that mommy and daddy eat and she hates baby food. I am guilty of giving her jars of baby food up until now, but now that she doesnt want them anymore I dont know what to give her and i worry that she doesnt eat enough. Im not a very good cook and I just dont know what foods to make for her. She's also really into feeding herself, she doesnt want to be spoon fed anymore so when i give her finger food half of it ends up on the floor. I also give her 3-4 bottles of formula. Any suggestions for easy to make but healthy finger foods i can give my girl? (also is it normal for them to eat less while teething?)


Dove - posted on 06/24/2013




Breast milk or formula still has all the nutrients she NEEDS at this point, so just have fun with introducing her to new, easy to manage fruits, veggies, pasta, cheese... anything that is easy to chew.

I probably wouldn't go with under 4 bottles of formula at this age (hard to know since all mine were breastfed from the tap) to ensure she is getting the calories and nutrients she needs.

Yes... it is very normal for them to eat less while teething. An extra bottle or two during those days is perfectly acceptable to make up for it.

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