How can I produce more breast milk to breast feed my 2 month old? help plz:)

Yessika - posted on 10/08/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




i have a two month old and i dont think i have enough breast milk. i pump but now i am only pumping two ounces from both...what can i drink or eat? any advice???


Karen - posted on 10/09/2010




Both my children sucked the living daylights out of me and I could only feed for three months but my midwife put me on complan which is specifically designed for breastfeeding mums. The strawberry is the nicest. It was also great for energy levels and I wasn't having to continuously eat to try and keep the milk up. I gave up not because my milk had decreased, it increaased once I started complan I just lost to much weight and couldn't keep up with it all

Jennifer - posted on 10/10/2010




the best and most effective way to increase your supply is to put baby to breast often. if you are making milk at all, and have a good latch then you are able to make enough milk for your babe. as the others said, pumping is not a good indicator of how much milk you are producing.

if you think you are not making enough because baby is nursing constantly, do not worry! it is probably a growth spurt. let her nurse as often as she likes, and after a couple of days your body will catch up with her. this is completely normal. your body is constantly making milk, so you are never truly empty so she will not starve.

good luck, and stick with it, momma! all babies deserve to be breastfed, so you are doing awesome! trust your body, it knows what to do!

Julie - posted on 10/09/2010




a dark beer a day... ok not sure about this... but old midwives reallllllly did tell nursing moms to do this.

in fact one of the beer advertisements even had a nursing mom on it with the line " a nursing moms best friend"

seriously though make sure you are eating enough you need about 500 extra calories a day while nursing... I know with both my girls I was so tired because those little milk sharks were eating so much that it seemed I was eating all the time to keep up with them...For some reason I produced more milk the more leafy greens I ate not sure there is any scientific evidence to back this up or if it just a weird thing me...

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How much you pump is no indication of how much milk you have , babies can suck a great deal more than you can pump so dont worry .

You can though make sure you are drinking two litres of water / liquids a day , eat oats or drink oat milk , oats can REALLY get your milk flowing , nurse , nurse , nurse ! the more you nurse the more milk is produced , unless your baby is losing weight i would not worry one bit , it is absolutely normal for your production to settle into a feeding routine with babies feeding habits !

But i cannot reccomend oats enough , i have a bowl of porridge for breakfast and it really increases supply !


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Jenn - posted on 10/10/2010




I agree that pumping doesn't mean anything about how much milk you have. I nursed my son and my twins and they had enough milk, but when I tried to pump a few times just to see what I could get, I hardly got anything. Are you looking to increase your supply so that you can pump? Or are you just wanting to make sure you have enough milk for nursing? If you want to pump, I'm not much help because I couldn't get much either, but if you just want to make sure you have enough milk, I say just trust in your body to do what it's supposed to do and keep putting baby to breast.

Rebekah - posted on 10/09/2010




Pumping is no indicator of how much milk your baby gets. Wet nappies/diapers are the best way to tell if baby is getting enough food. There should be 8-10 per day plus a poopy one or two.
Lou is right oatmeal, oats, granola/muesli anything with oats. Flax seed. Those cookies work great. You could also try fenugreek which is a supplement. There are also some nice mothers teas out there.

Kalie - posted on 10/09/2010




My huge babies could never get enough, but a few things I found helpful are boiled egg whites, warm tea (that gets the milk going) I could never pump very much either. Those breast feeding cooking sound good. If i ever have another baby I will make those!

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