How can I start my son's potty-training ?


Louise - posted on 05/26/2012




You take the lead from your child. Wait until he is going for long periods of time with a dry nappy, shows signs of not wanting a nappy on or being in a dirty one and then start. The average age is about 2 years 4 months. If your child is not ready then dont even attempt to start because all you will do is stress your child and you out.

Make sure your son sees that you and dad pees in the toilet so take him with you. (Personally I have never used a potty, I have always had a seat that goes directly onto the toilet). You should do this for a few days before you start training him.

Start by buying lots of underwear and trousers that are easy to get off. Then take him to the toilet every 15 minutes until he pees. Then wait an hour and take him again ever 15 minutes. Ask him constantly do you want a wee wee in the toilet. Reward him with a sticker if you have success and dont tell him off if he gets his timing wrong and pees on the floor. If your son is truely ready he should be showing signs of improving within a week and by the end of the second week he should be down to very few accidents. If after a week he has not grasped the concept then he is not ready. Put him back into nappies for a month and then try again.

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