how can i stop bottle feeding from my 3 year old son?


Karen - posted on 10/06/2011




tell him he's not a baby anymore and you're going to give them to a baby who needs them - he's old enough to understand. have him help you put them in a bag and take them to a donation bin. or just throw them out and tell them they're all gone (show him the empty spot where they were kept). he might put up a fight for a few days but just don't give in. he's certainly old enough to have a cup long ago.


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Emilie - posted on 10/06/2011




My daughter was hard to get off the bottle. I don't think she was off completely until she was almost 3. Her step mom had a baby a few months before she turned 3. I was doing good with not giving her a bottle, but when her half brother came along she started sneeking his bottles when she was at her fathers house (and they usually had either breastmilk or formula in them). I had to get strict with her and her father. One day I went into my kitchen and I got rid of all the bottles and told her flat out that she was not getting a bottle anymore, and I said that to her father also and told him to not leave any bottles sitting around where she could get them. It was hard for her for a few days but she got over it.

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