How can I stop breastfeeding

Jeanjazz_07delf - posted on 10/23/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 13 months old and I really need to stop the breastfeeding.
He won't take regular milk tried different cups and milk flavors, for the most he will only take like 2 zips and that's it.
He has become so dependent on only falling asleep on my breast, so when we go out (restaurants, party's, friends house) he will be so cranky ,but won't go to sleep with out me breastfeeding and when I do he will get so easily distracted and stops eating constantly. This makes it so difficult for me specially now that he is a toddler.

I can't leave him more than 3 hours with anybody because he won't sleep,drink nor eat .
He wakes up more than once at night and takes 2 naps a day which are no longer than an hour if I'm lucky. He eats very little solids and I think is because he has the option to fill him self up with breast milk.
Not to mention I have lost so much weight.
I'm open to as many advice as possible.


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Melissa - posted on 10/28/2015




My daughter is 27 months and still breastfeeds. it can be very tiring esp for working moms. If you want him to stop try rubbing lemon or lime on your breast before he breast feeds. Hopefully when he tastes it he will get a disliking to the breast.

Dove - posted on 10/24/2015




Well... you aren't going to like my advice because my advice is to keep breastfeeding, not leave him for longer than he needs to be nursed, and not go out at night if it messes w/ his routine.

He won't be this little forever... even if it seems like it. ♥ He sounds almost exactly like my son at the same age... except I couldn't leave him at all due to massive separation anxiety... and he nursed a lot more than every 3 hours. ;) My son is 7.5 now and there are some days that I miss him being that little and dependent.

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