how can I stop my 3.5 yr old from hitting?

Angela - posted on 12/28/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a 3.5 yr old boy and recently he has developed a problem - he has started hitting and talking about hitting/kicking/punching etc. This problem escalates considerably when his father is around. His father and I do not live together and my son seems like a different person when his father is around - he is much more aggressive and short-tempered. When his father is not around he is even tempered and more relaxed - he can be with anyone (school, grandma, etc) and behave fine without things escelating...I dont know what to do. His father has been and continues to be an abusive man who has basically refused to get help for his own behaviour. My biggest fear is that my son will turn out like his father - any advice on how stop the hitting? Could it just be terrible threes - he missed terrible twos :) Am I over-reacting??


Amanda - posted on 12/28/2011




Time out, you can take his toys away, maybe lightly bat him on hand when he hits not hard just litttle one to let him know what he is doing is not good. Dont yell though it makes things worse they want a reaction, be stern. I have a two year old and i will sit and talk to him and tell what he is doing is wrong. I think talking to them is a good habit to get them in to. I am a young mom but i have been around little ones for a long time and have worked with kids for about 5 or more yrs.

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