How can i stop my 8 years old child from thumb sucking ?


Jennifer - posted on 08/25/2011




I wish I could help. My daughter sucked her finger until she was 9. She may still do it in private, but no longer in public. I'd tried everything. She now loves hot food due to the spices I used on her fingers! I finally just started pointing out every time I saw her doing it. I didn't punish her, just made her aware. She finally just didn't do it. She said she never realized when she was doing it, and being made aware did help her.


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Fairness - posted on 08/25/2011




Thank you Jennifer and Crystal. I tried making a simple cast with a bandage and strong plaster every night about four months as innoticed one day her finger become red and looks shrinking. It is an effective way but if i forget one night to cover it,she will suck it while sleeping.

Crystal - posted on 08/25/2011




Unfortunately, we can't MAKE children do anything they're not willing and ready to do. I sucked my thumb up until I was 8, and I only stopped because of peer pressure-other kids made fun of me and I finally decided I had had enough; so I stopped.
Jennifer may be right, your child may just need to be aware of it. But it is important NOT to make a BIG deal about it, the bigger the deal, the more anxious the child becomes and more likely to suck more! Thumb sucking is a natural calming reflex, perhaps you can help find other ways for your child to calm themselves?

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