How can i switch from breastmilk to formula at 9months PLEASE HELP ME?

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I am 21 with a 9month baby girl. I need help my infants doctor told me she has only gained 8ounces since the last doctor visit at 6months. My baby is now 9months and only 17lbs. Her doctor says she is healthy but is not gaining enough weight due to low calories. usually when i try breastfeeding she nurses only for about 5 to 7mins then loses interest. The doctor told me to start giving her formula. I have tried using a bottle and sippy cup but my baby just hates the taste and smell. I have even been desperate enough to try mixing her formula with a little juice but NOTHING IS WORKING. I have also waited until she got extremely hungry but that did not help she just became even more upset. My doctor said i could go for about 24 hours without feeding her anything that way she has no choice but to give in but I am scared to try that method it seems cruel. Can someone please help me I am extremely stressed and depresses for my baby girl I feel like a failure Also she does eat solids baby foods.But she for some reason never drinks a full bottle if i put water or juice in it she always plays around with it. And she does not sleep threw the night.


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My daughter was breastfed and from a 7 month sick visit to her 9 month check up she had only gained an ounce. It's normal for babies to not gain as quickly as they get older because they become mobile! How are her wet diapers, is she hitting other milestones if she is then I would seek a second opinion maybe a dr who is more breastfeeding friendly. Breastmilk has more calories then any food you could offer but abacodos are high too. If you really want to switch then I would do as someone else suggested 1 ounce formula to 3 breastmilk and then slowly cut back on the breastmilk.

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Some babies are just small. There's nothing wrong with that if she's healthy and developing normally! I'm not an expert, but it seems to me that if she's eating solids and nursing, that should be all she needs. If she hates the formula (my nieces were like that, and apparently it's quite bitter compared with breastmilk, so no wonder) then maybe you could try boosting her calorie intake with solids instead.

Fatty foods are really good for the brain, that's why they say to feed children whole milk from age one until they're two. So... avocado and yogurt (unsweetened) are two fatty foods that I can think of just off the top of my head that are suitable for a 9 month old. I'm sure there are more.

Or maybe you could mix the formula powder into her applesauce or other solid foods. That would be a different way for her to get more calories.

I wonder if a second opinion would be a good idea, just to see if that's only this dr's opinion or if she really is too small.

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The smaller of my twins didn't do well on the breast which killed me but she didn't like formula either what I did was mix it start out with three ounces breast milk to one ounce formula then slowly over a few weeks add more formula and less breast milk until she was completly on formula.
I know its tough and it breaks your heart but its okay I promise and shecwill get used to the formula and all will be well.


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Have you tried born free bottles? Only ones that my daughters like. Plus, she may not like the formula. Get as many samples as you can (most companies will send you some if you sign up for e-mails). I found that my daughters liked good start, but they also liked the store brands that were comparable. You are a good mom. You care enough to feel bad and look for help. My baby goes through fazes where she takes in very little. I just always have a bottle ready, just in case. Kids are moody, we're just along for the ride.

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I almost never post a reply on here but I remember going through the exact same thing with my oldest. First don't panic. My daughter lost almost a pound in one month and was 13 pounds at 5 months. She was breastfed and hadn't even started solids yet. Turns out I was pregnant again and my milk supply went way down. Anyway it took me almost 3 months to switch here to formula. and it was awful and frustrating and made me feel so guilty. My adivce would be to stop stressing, you are just turning feeding time into a war. First pick a bottle and stick with it, my daughter finally took formula when it was very warm, much warmer than breat milk! offer it to her and then when she rejects it , feed or breastfeed her. Stick with it. I'd say it will take a week or so before she accepts it. My daughter is now a very healthy 7 year old who to this day needs to be reminded to drink.

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