How can i tell if something bad is really going on?

Samantha - posted on 09/11/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 3 year son and 1 year old daught stay at an in home day while i am at work. I noticed a drastic change in my childrens behavior over the past couple of weeks. When i drop off my kids my son now screams and throws a fit running away, hanging on my leg not wanting to go to her. Before he was excited to go to play with the other kids and everyday he could come home with a craft. Now nothing and he get soo excited when i come to pick him and he instantly runs to the car yelling GOOO! She asked me a weeks ago about disaplin and we use warnings then fallowed by a 3 min time out. She told me she locks her kids in the bathroom when they are bad. I told her NO do NOT do that to my child as i was afraid that pro-long his potty training. Now today i took my son to the big boy potty and i shut the door behind me. He got up from the toilet and started kicking and screaming at the door yelling "NO J (baby sitera name) i feel that with his behaivor an my daughter crying an being extremly clingy something is going on here. How can i find out for sure? My husband and i have talked to her and assured me everything is fine. What do i do? I am terrified to take them to her anymore and i dont want her to do this to someone elses kids. Wht would you do?

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