how can i train my 9month old to be more independent without crying all the time to be carried,also she wakes up al night and cries when she sees nobody in the room


Dove - posted on 03/22/2014




Be patient and realize this is a completely normal stage of life. She is realizing that she is a separate person from you and that can be a scary realization to someone so little. Hold and carry her and play w/ her when you can... and when you can't... set her up in the same room as you are and talk to her and take breaks to reassure her that you are still there for her. Peek-a-boo is also a great game at this age cuz they start to learn that you haven't vanished from existence just because they can't see you.

Co-sleeping can stop the night issues, but if that isn't an option for you... just go to her and reassure her that you are still there and settle her back down... as many times as it takes. Personally, I prefer co-sleeping cuz it's less disruptive to MY sleep. ;)

Ev - posted on 03/22/2014




SHe is only a baby still. SHe is still learning and growing. She needs you. You just need to go in and assure her that you are there and when she falls to sleep again leave her. As for being up during the day put her in the floor with a few toys and talk to her as you do things around the house. SHe will get used to it. Have you held her all the time from when she was very little? IF so, she might be so used to being held all the time that she is having this problem.


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Jessica - posted on 03/27/2014




hi, the best way to deal with that is to feed her no she's fed. Take her to the room dim the light and go back to your room. She will cry and you'd want to go get her but dnt she's not hurting or hungry so shes good. She will go to sleep. Its best if you do this method put her to bed at the same time each night. My daughter was like that shes 11 months and now when I put her to bed she lay down whine a little like 10 seconds at the most and then she s sleep till the next morning. Waking up with a big smile ready to eat again.

Chidinma - posted on 03/22/2014




I need suggestions moms,i can hardly make her stop what do you advice me to do

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