How can is stop my 5 year old from getting up in the night, when i'm asleep?

Heather - posted on 03/12/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 5. He goes to bed at 7pm and usually by 7.30pm he is asleep. I do not hear a peep out of him. I am a really heavy sleeper, and when he gets up i do not hear him, unless he flushes the toilet or does something really loud. He doesn't just go to the toilet, he will mess with all the shampoo, or he gets up and goes to watch TV or messes in he kitchen, has midnight snacks or messes with knives.... its driving me nuts! He used to have a gate on his bedroom door untill he was about 3 but then was settled in a routine and i didn't have a problem. It wouldn't work putting one up now as he will either just open them or climb over them.

I am actually scared for his safety, as well as him being tired and gumpy at school.

Last night i woke up because i heard the TV (REALLY LOUD) and went to see, he was sitting watching midnight poker under his quilt cover, he had been in the kitchen and was eating monster munch......

I dont want to lock him in his bedroom, its not right.... but i am feeling like i have no choice. I have tried taking things away, star chats, rewards - and none of it works!

Any suggestions?


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