How can my 12 year old make new friends after making a bad choice

Marie - posted on 07/22/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 12 year old went into a store and stole a cookie with 3 other friends who
also stole something, I would like him to make different friends but others
are judging him for his poor choice, some of his other friends have chosen
to no longer be his friend, and he is just sick about it. When I call to ask
if friends can come over they always have an excuse or do not respond to
my text. How can I help him, we have kept him close to home for months, we
live in the country so he is pretty isolated. I am so sad for him.


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 07/22/2015




Well, he is now experiencing the result of his poor choice. His other friends don't want to be associated with him because he made an obviously poor choice. I mean, we all know from a VERY young age that stealing is wrong, and he's 12 for crying out loud!
Yes, we all do stupid shit growing up. He needs to learn from this and move forward.
Some of his other friends' parents are probably helping influence their decision to not be friends with him, but I have told my children the same thing: If you have a friend who is making poor choices, you need to not be around him, because his poor choices could affect you. I can't blame those other parents, to be honest.
In order to get those friends back, he's going to have to stop hanging with the losers completely, and work to regain the trust of his friends and their parents. Stealing, even a cookie, is a big deal. My thought is, if he's going to steal a cookie from a store, what's he going to take from my HOME? I'm sure the other parents are thinking similarly. He has a long road to hoe to regain that trust. I certainly hope he learns his lesson from this.

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